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Nick has been repairing instruments since 2006 and has been playing music since he was in diapers. Nick's stepfather was a luthier and got him interested in taking my guitars apart and figuring out the unknown world of wires under the pickguard

Nick has degrees in Guitar Construction and Repair, as well as Band Instrument Repair from Minnesota Southeast Tech- Redwing. He also has a degree in Amplifier construction from the Roberto Venn school of Luthiery. He currently spends his free time reading about and working with analog and digital electronic projects. He has made over 100 guitar effect pedals for others as well as himself, and enjoys trying to bridge the gap between that which is available and what is possible.

Nick is also working on getting a soul jazz/jam rock trio going with some friends covering old Prestige label artists and attempting to write music people can groove to.

Nick plays many instruments but finds electric Fender guitars to be his favorite.

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